Pixie Lott’s “Break Up Song”

We’ve all experienced that awkward tension in a music video when the artist has a significant other but has to cozy up to someone else in front of the camera. Maybe you haven’t experienced the tension first-hand (many of us haven’t) but you’ve definitely seen it while watching music videos for the first time—or the tenth time in a row (but we’ll pretend we don’t do that!). Thankfully, we have artists like Pixie Lott, who recently chose to save us from witnessing any awkwardness while watching her latest music video. This past week, Lott let her loyal Twitter followers know that “Break Up Song” has officially been declared her next single! What better way to celebrate than with a music video?

On September 19, Pixie Lott teamed up with real-life boyfriend Oliver Cheshire for the release of her newest music video. The three-minute video for “Break Up Song,” directed by Nick Bartlett and filmed at London’s Waldorf Hotel, proves that Pixie (real name, Victoria Louise Lott) and Oliver Cheshire won’t need a break up song anytime soon. The video, posted below, is a perfect example of that song everyone needs at least a few times in his or her life. Although Pixie and Oliver seem to be the perfect couple, the track’s lyrics are written in a way that everyone can relate to. Who doesn’t love a good love song?

The track, hitting UK radio stations in early October, is the third single from Pixie Lott’s self-titled third album. Due to contract restrictions, the album isn’t available in the United States but it’s not long before Pixie Lott takes over the US airwaves. After all, she has a voice that’s definitely one-of-a-kind. But, music isn’t Pixie Lott’s only scene; she’s also a well-known model. Lott was recently named as a contestant on “Strictly Come Dancing”—the United Kingdom’s version of “Dancing With The Stars.” The twenty-three year old is even favored to win the entire competition!

While I can’t say where Pixie Lott will finish in the “Strictly Come Dancing” standings, I do know she’s here to stay. It’s only a matter of time before she’s named one of the world’s next big acts! With a voice that sets her apart from the crowd and a personality that captures hearts every single day, she’s on her way to super stardom. For those of you unaware of Pixie Lott’s undeniable talent, now is definitely a good time to type her name into Google or YouTube and become familiar with her songs. After all, you all love to say you were a fan of someone before they became super famous!

I can speak for everyone at WeKnowTheDJ when I say Pixie Lott is our newest obsession! Her YouTube playlists have been on repeat and we’re anxiously waiting for new music! Are you loving Pixie’s sounds as much as we are? Has she taken over your iTunes playlist? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know!


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