Round2Crew’s “Woah”

As a WeKnowTheDJ writer, I’m not supposed to pick favorites but if anyone has been keeping up with my personal Twitter account, you know the Round2Crew boys hold a special place in my heart. We’ve watched Chase, Pape and Manny grow since the very beginning. Over the past year or so, their every move has continued to impress us. The boys might be from a small town outside of Cincinnati but there’s no doubt about it—they’re taking over the world!

At 11:00pm on November 16, thanks to iTunes’ tendency to release new music an hour early, Round2Crew’s new EP hit iTunes and the fangirls went crazy! The five-track EP, appropriately titled Woah, comes after a couple of setbacks and a few pretty huge announcements from the Round2Crew boys but trust me, the wait was definitely worth it! The EP comes a couple of months after the group’s biggest announcement ever—they’ve officially been signed to Atlantic Records. After listening to Woah on repeat, I’m convinced that this is the best music Round2Crew has ever created, proving once again that the head honchos at Atlantic Records know true talent when they see it! Don’t believe me? Check out my track-by-track review below:

Booty Had Me Like (Woah): For Round2Crew’s CrewMembers, the Woah era began back in the beginning of May with a song and video that almost never got posted. For the boys’ dedicated fans, “Booty Had Me Like (Woah)” seemed like one of those songs that would soon fall under the “If you remember this, you’ve been here for a long time” category. After blowing up practically overnight “Booty Had Me Like (Woah)” went on to become the track that shot Round2Crew into the public eye, gaining the attention of people all around the world. The “Booty Had Me Like (Woah)” music video has been viewed over 2.3 million times in the past six months; its viewers range from intense fangirls to thousands of San Francisco Giants fans and everyone in between. Plain and simple: “Booty Had Me Like (Woah)” equals Round2Crew’s first step in accomplishing world domination.

Be Loved: Most people have listened to “Booty Had Me Like (Woah)” more times than they’d like to admit (Yes, WeKnowTheDJ team—I’m looking at you!) so the EP’s second track, “Be Loved,” gives listeners their first taste of “new” music. While listening to “Be Loved” for the first time, all I could think of was how much Pape and Chase have improved since that cold December 2013 day when we introduced you to the group for the first time. After listening to “Be Loved” a couple of times, I have one piece of advice for everyone reading this article and listening to the EP: if given the opportunity to go out for the night with Chase and Pape to see what it’s like to be loved, please do me a favor and don’t pass up the opportunity! I’m speaking from personal experience when I say Pape and Chase are two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, especially if they’re planning on giving you the world!

Bout It: Slowing things down, “Bout It” opens with a scene that most people are familiar with after a crazy night out. Hasn’t everyone had those mornings where you’re just trying to piece together the events from the previous night? “Bout It” is one of those tracks that everyone can relate to, especially after seeing someone out and not knowing anything about them but being able to tell that they’re “bout it.” C’mon, you know what I’m talking about! Pape’s verses mixed with Chase’s vocals on this track confirm exactly why they’re about to become the “next big thing.” In an industry where it seems like everyone is an “aspiring rapper,” it’s easy for an up-and-coming act to get lost in the shuffle but every so often, an artist comes around and his or her talent is undeniable. Sure, Chase and Pape have good looks on their side but more importantly, their chemistry and natural talent is going to take them further than anyone expects.

Dip Wit It: As I was simultaneously scrolling through my Twitter timeline and listening to Woah, “Dip Wit It” was easily the track gaining the most attention from Round2Crew’s extremely dedicated CrewMembers. After hearing Chase’s part in “Dip Wit It,” the fangirls went crazy but I’m not sure why they were so surprised—we’ve all heard the group’s “Ride” remix. Yes, you know which song I’m talking about. Yes, it’s still my favorite. Okay, sorry about that, moving on now… Like “Booty Had Me Like (Woah),” “Dip Wit It” is one of those tracks that will create a lasting impact. Although I have no say about what bossman, DJ Tay James, includes on his set lists, I won’t be surprised when you hear “Dip Wit It” coming from DJ Tay James’ turntables. After listening on “Dip Wit It” multiple times (for the purpose of proper reporting, of course!), I think I may have a new Round2Crew favorite!

House Party: Okay, I won’t lie; this one caused a brief moment of confusion. For those of you who have been around since the beginning, “House Party” will forever be known as “Morning After” from the On Our Way EP. From this point forward though, the “Morning After” has turned into reminiscing about the “House Party” from last night. Let’s just add “Morning After” to our “If you remember this, you’ve been here for a long time” list! I’m going to pretend this one ended up on Woah because Chase and Pape both know this is one of my favorite tracks of all time. I’m almost positive that it’s physically impossible to listen to this song without getting hyped and without gaining an urge to dance. The title change might be hard for some CrewMembers to accept but… This is the ultimate jam to play at a house party; therefore, I approve!

My approval doesn’t stop at the “Morning After”/“House Party” title change though. All in all, I approve of the entire EP and I’m definitely not the only one. Before its official release, Woah had already received amazing feedback, something I’m only expecting to grow as more and more people listen to the five-track EP. Honestly, at this rate, it’s only a matter of time before the entire world is jamming out to Round2Crew. Just take a look through the Twitter accounts of anyone who calls themselves a CrewMember—they continue to send all sorts of support in 140 characters or less.

Although they’re well on their way to super stardom, Woah is only the beginning for these small town boys. The next year will be a crucial growth period for them as they develop a sound of their own and as their fanbase continues to grow. As for our relationship with Round2Crew, it’s also only beginning. Be sure to stay tuned to WeKnowTheDJ and all of our team members as we continue to support Round2Crew’s every move. Personally, I know the Chase and Pape are already working on “what’s next” but for now, it’s finally time to enjoy Woah on repeat. I know the EP will be playing through our headphones on repeat over the next few months but will you be doing the same? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and share your thoughts about Woah! I’m anxious to hear which song is your favorite. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to convince the boys to make a music video for your fave!


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