Review: Justin Bieber’s “Purpose”

Remember when “hating” Justin Bieber used to be the “cool” thing to do? Well, thankfully, times have changed.

As an avid listener of his music for years, people used to give me a hard time for liking the kid who “sounds like a girl.” But today, Justin Bieber released his highly anticipated album Purpose and those same people are texting me to ask for free tickets to his just-announced tour.

I would applaud their courage to ask a high school acquaintance for perks of that magnitude but I’m too busy applauding Justin Bieber because, to put it simply, Purpose has just won my vote for Album of 2015 (and probably 2016).

There’s no question that the world has been waiting for Purpose, especially because Justin made it very clear that he wanted to let the music do the talking. And, it sure has.

The deluxe edition of Purpose features eighteen tracks, each unique in their own way yet they all flow together to create a timeless album of music I feel will be around for a long time. As the biggest male pop start of his generation, Justin Bieber has undoubtedly created something special with this album. The track-list includes almost every genre from pop and soul to R&B and rap, leaving something for everyone.

The lyrics throughout the entirety of album are personal, reminding listeners that (whether or not they want to believe it) Justin Bieber is human. Tracks like “Mark My Words,” “I’ll Show You,” “Company,” “Life is Worth Living,” “Children,” “Purpose,” “Trust,” and “All In It” clearly don’t fit the “manufactured pop hits” mold yet they’re already fan-favorites. Even the more upbeat tracks, “What Do You Mean?” “Love Yourself,” “Where Are Ü Now,” “Been You,” “Get Used to It” and “Sorry” don’t fit the mainstream mold but they’re Justin Bieber songs which means you will be hearing them everywhere and within a short period of time, they will become the new standard. That’s just what Justin Bieber does.

Justin Bieber also enlists the help from some of his famous friends on this album. Ed Sheeran shows up to play guitar on “Love Yourself” and newcomer Halsey makes a vocal appearance on “The Feeling.” Management-mate Ariana Grande shows up on a pre-order exclusive “What Do You Mean?” remix, leaving us to wait for their full collaboration that’s going to have to happen eventually. Justin also recruited Big Sean, Travis Scott and Nas for Purpose, appearing on “No Pressure,” “No Sense,” and “We Are,” respectfully.

Confirmed: I still don’t have a favorite track.

Confirmed: Every song on Purpose has been added to every playlist I’ve ever created.

Confirmed: The purpose of the rest of 2015 is to listen to Purpose on repeat.


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