Kalin and Myles’ “Do My Step”

At WeKnowTheDJ, we take extreme pride in providing our dedicated readers with articles they want to read. Over the past few months, we’ve developed “You talk, we listen,” a motto that keeps us on track while deciding which artists to feature on the site. Staying connected on Twitter over the past few weeks, the names “Kalin” and “Myles” showed up in our Mentions over and over again. KAMFAM, you talked and we listened—this one’s for you!

Mondays are notorious for being everyone’s least favorite day of the week but Kalin and Myles started Monday August 4 off on the right foot with the latest KAMFAM obsession. A little after seven o’clock on Monday morning, the duo posted a music video for “Do My Step.” The song is the last track on Chase Dreams, their debut EP and features IAmSu! and P-Lo.

The Bay Area hip-pop duo and the two rappers teamed up on the track and the four-minute visual production. Although each artist adds their own element to the overall production, “Do My Step” isn’t the first time we’ve seen the artists work together. As January 2014 came to a close, Kalin and Myles joined P-Lo on “Outta Here,” a track off of P-Lo’s MCMGC 2. P-Lo and IAmSu! have also spent a significant amount of time working together—the two are part of the same group, The HBK Gang. The music industry is full of small circles so this trio collaboration was definitely bound to happen at some point!

The first twenty seconds of the video, posted below, sent me right into a flashback of high school, something I definitely wasn’t prepared for on a Monday morning. I don’t want to give away too much of the video’s content and spoil Kalin and Myles’ hard work so you need to check out the YouTube video posted right below this paragraph. If you haven’t heard the track yet, you’re missing out. Fair warning, once you watch the video, you’ll definitely have “Hold on watch me do my step” stuck in your head. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

How do you feel about Kalin and Myles’ sound? Want to see them perform live? Lucky for you, they JUST announced their Chase Dreams Tour! Tickets go on sale this Friday, August 9, at 9am Pacific Time. For those of you confused with time zones—that’s 12 noon on the East Coast! Between the end of September through the middle of November, the two plan to hit everywhere in the United States from California to New York to Texas and Minnesota and everywhere in between! Are they coming to your city? Send us a tweet @weknowthedj and maybe we’ll see you on tour!


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