Blake Kelly’s “Daily Dose”

Since December 2007, WeKnowTheDJ videos have racked up over 9.25 million views, an incredible feat but not too surprising when you consider the man responsible for the 300+ videos. Bossman, DJ Tay James, has gone above and beyond to provide us with an exclusive inside look at his nonstop lifestyle, something we’ll always be grateful for—and no, I’m not just saying that because his hectic life keeps me employed! Although I’m not writing this article to announce an upcoming season of WeKnowTheDJ webisodes, I’m here to share some insight on my new favorite web series—Daily Dose!

If you’ve been keeping up with WeKnowTheDJ at all, you know we have decided to live by two specific mottos: making life “all about the music” but being sure to “support the people who support you.” Well, our incredibly talented friends at Dream Urban have teamed up with our favorite up-and-coming artist Blake Kelly to bring fans a never-before-seen look into the lifestyle of Papi Gordo. For those of you who might have missed Season 1 Episode 1 of “Daily Dose,” I’ve posted the video below. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the craziness that accompanies Blake Kelly’s life, now is probably a good time to mentally prepare yourself because things get pretty intense!

With Dream Urban’s Ashley Garner and DerekDidIt behind the cameras, episode 1 of “Daily Dose” gives viewers a quick peek into the shenanigans that occurred during Blake’s birthday weekend festivities. The two-minute video features appearances by our very own DJ Tay James, Fritos, Hollywood Lue, Jo Stunnah, Lil Za, Khalil, Bieber and a few unidentifiable females, leading me to believe there was no shortage of fun during Blake’s birthday celebration. With a bunch of friends and some big plans for the future, I have no doubt that the next year is guaranteed to be one for the history books!

So… What’s next for Blake Kelly, Ashley Garner and DerekDidIt?

Blake Kelly’s EP, appropriately titled “Gordo,” is on Spotfy and iTunes but the extended play is still only the beginning for Kelly. The EP, which can be found at, put Blake’s name on the mainstream map but I’m giving you fair warning now—he’s on his way to super stardom! As the summer months ended, Kelly found his way onto Khalil’s latest mixtape, making an appearance on the tape’s second track. Blake’s upcoming and highly anticipated track, Oprah, is on its way but, in the words of Gordo himself, “you can’t rush greatness.” Well BK, we’re anxious but we’ll be patient—perfection takes time!

So, we know what’s going on in front of the camera but what about behind the cameras? Chances are you’ve seen the photos we’ve been posting lately, especially the ones with an “AU” in the bottom center? Well, you can thank Ashley Urban for those shots! His creative eye and trigger finger have resulted in incredible shots, capturing every moment for eternity. As for DerekDidIt? He’s been working hard on a few visuals for Blake Kelly, including the video that will accompany Oprah. I can confirm that Dream Urban’s Ashley Garner and DerekDidIt have been incredibly busy and I have a feeling that they have no intention of slowing down.

I can’t give away too many secrets without getting in trouble but there’s a possibility that your favorite artist will make an appearance in Dream Urban videos in the near future. Yes, that’s a hint. No, I can’t tell you anything else yet. Sorry! Until then, be on the look out for future “Daily Dose” episodes and a pretty huge collaboration in the near future! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! While you wait, send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and share your thoughts about Blake Kelly, “Daily Dose,” Dream Urban and whatever else you feel necessary.


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