Cody Simpson Releases “Thotful”

Some things don’t require an explanation. I know, you’re probably thinking something along the lines of “Meg, where are you going with this one?” but just trust me, okay? Here, I’ll give you a couple of examples. People are happier when the weather is nicer. Christmas is always on December 25. Two comes after one. Nobody can put a season into song like Cody Simpson. Okay, that last one might seem like an opinion but I promise it’s a proven fact!


Teachers may ask you to support your findings with information from scholarly articles but at WeKnowTheDJ, we believe an artist’s discography is the most reliable source of information. In an industry where information is constantly misconstrued, most songwriters grab their pen and a notepad, giving themselves full control of how their thoughts will be portrayed in the public eye. As he got more of a grasp on the magnitude and potential of his career, creative control is something Cody Simpson wanted more of. Now, after leaving his label and reassessing his personal goals, it’s clear that Simpson is definitely taking advantage of his newfound control. We’ve been following Cody’s career since the very beginning and his transformation, especially within the last few months, is undeniable.


But, as we continue to look at Simpson’s short but action-packed career, it’s evident that some things never change. We know Cody Simpson is from the Gold Coast and we know he loves everything about the beach but listening to his music, it’s obvious that summer is Simpson’s favorite season. Cody Simpson has this unique talent of putting the feelings that accompany the summer months into words. With ease, he turns carefree vibes into lyrics, melodies and guitar riffs. Don’t believe me? Check out his discography. “Pretty Brown Eyes?” Summer. “Summertime of Our Lives?” It has “summer” in its title. “Surfboard?” Summer. And now, as the temperatures are warming up around the country, Cody has returned with another summertime smash!


On April 7, Simpson teamed up with MTV to exclusively premiere his newest track, “Thotful.” The new song has received a significant amount of criticism, especially from certain feminist groups but at WeKnowTheDJ, we’re here to focus on the music, not the drama. Like “Pretty Brown Eyes,” “Summertime of Our Lives” and “Surfboard,” I would simply use “summer” to describe the four-minute song. Starting off with lyrics like “she’s like a medicine to a sick mind, She’ll be a river, so flow with her if you want, She’s like a diamond to a rich man, she’ll be all you need when you’ve got everything and more,” you’d think Simpson was preparing us for another love song. But… Things take an unexpected twist. The next set of lyrics includes, “She’ll be anything to anyone, but she gives nothing back to me, She’s so thotful, yeah yeah.” We’ll let you decide if Simpson’s most-recent songwriting is derogatory or a clever play on words but we believe it’s the latter.


Although Cody premiered the “Thotful” audio on, he performed the summertime song at this year’s SXSW. I’ve posted the video above and if you scrolled past it without hitting the play button, I guarantee you’re missing out. The reggae, carefree vibe throughout the track has me counting down the days until I can spend summer afternoons on the beach. Okay, that’s still a couple months away but I guarantee “Thotful” will be on every playlist I create in the next six months. Speaking of my upcoming playlists, I plan on including a lot of tracks from Simpson’s upcoming album, Free, on every playlist I create. Actually, based on what I’ve heard, Free has already earned its own playlist. That’s saying a lot about Cody’s talent, especially because he hasn’t even publicized a release date yet!


Cody’s recent releases (“Flower,” “New Problems” and now “Thotful”) and the upcoming release of Free aren’t the only exciting events in his life right now. On April 8, Simpson tweeted, “Started my independent label Coast House trying to get this acoustic rock music to my fellow youth, we all deserve to feel good 🙂 #free.” That’s pretty impressive for someone who just turned 18. But hey, we’re all for the youth having a voice so needless to say, we’re backing Cody every step of the way. Are you? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know!


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