John Dough’s “Kid From Canada”

Eighteen months ago, a new relationship was formed. Now before you start thinking back to all of the drawn-out and speculated relationships in Hollywood, let me explain. In November of 2013 we introduced you to John Dough, a Canadian kid trying to make it big in the crazy world we refer to as the music industry. As John Dough’s career has progressed, we’ve provided updates on his journey. Today, we’re back with another update because…

John Dough has just released a new EP!

On May 15, one day before his twenty-first birthday, John Dough added something incredible to my iTunes library. For those of you unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, you need to visit RIGHT NOW and download K.F.C. (Kid From Canada) immediately! The ten-track EP is also available on BeatsMusic, Spotify, AudioMack and SoundCloud so I don’t want to hear any “but Meg, I couldn’t find the link” excuses. I’ll even do all of you a favor and post the SoundCloud link below—you’re welcome!

The EP begins with “California,” a three-and-a-half minute song featuring Billy Lawler that perfectly describes the state that spans a majority of the West Coast. The chorus alone, with the lyrics “These bright lights ain’t what they seem/I’m wide awake in the city of dreams,” gives listeners a brief understanding of the trials and tribulations of everyone who is looking to make it big in California.

John keeps the party going throughout the entirety of the EP with tracks like “Want It,” “Young & Dumb,” “Hips Can Talk,” and “#GetOnDown.” After listening to K.F.C. (Kid From Canada) a few times in a row, I knew all ten tracks had to make their way onto my summer playlist. If you aren’t vibing to these songs on your way to the beach or as you’re laying by the pool, I’d recommend visiting a doctor who can check out your hearing!

So we know all ten tracks on K.F.C. (Kid From Canada) fit in the must-listen category but like all of us, John Dough can’t make it by without a little help from his friends. Dizzy comes in with the assist on “Throw it,” a track that the two performed together recently. Hailey Reese makes an appearance on “Finer Things,” slowing things down a little bit while Randy Savvy and DJ Sketch show up on “Let’s Get Ratchet.” Adding to the DJs who make appearances on K.F.C. (Kid From Canada), DJ Shawt shows up on “#GetOnDown.” If you know us, you know we have a special appreciation for DJs and to nobody’s surprise, DJ Sketch and DJ Shawt both killed it on this EP!

Party jams? Check! Features? Check! What’s left? Well, it wouldn’t be an EP without a bonus, right?! Thankfully, that’s where track #10 comes in—“Summer Time,” a four-and-a-half minute track, features Damienn Jones and Frank Ocean, proving once again why K.F.C. (Kid From Canada) needs to be on your summertime playlist! But, that’s not all—the EP also includes John Dough’s highly successful track “Looking for Somebody,” a song we featured on less than a year ago. If you missed that article, you can find it here: ___ or you can just check out the music video, posted below!

That’s all the time I have for right now but remember, if you want some good music, you need to go download K.F.C. (Kid From Canada) immediately! Also, make sure you send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know you’re thoughts on John Dough! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend but be safe, wear sunscreen and don’t forget to thank a hero!



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