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By the time August rolls around, things become bittersweet. Temperatures continue to rise and you remain optimistic that summer could last forever but it seems the thought of returning to school is always in the back of your mind. On Friday night, in an effort to delay the start of school for as long as possible, I headed to Poughkeepsie, New York’s Chance Theater to meet up with the incredibly talented artists who were part of the OMG Music Fest Tour.


Although the tour’s finale was last night in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we wanted to take some time to familiarize you to the talented young adults who spent the first half of August touring the country because let’s be honest, you should know everything there is to know about these ridiculously talented people. Posted below is a recap of Friday night’s performances along with some background information about each artist. Enjoy and don’t forget to thank me when you “discover” your new favorite artist!


Up first on Friday night was Philadelphia’s Gavin Becker, the youngest member of the tour who also happens to be one of the most mature 16 year olds I’ve ever met. Like many upcoming artists, Gavin’s career began three years ago when he started uploading popular covers on YouTube. Since the creation of his YouTube account, he has been a part of MagCon NJ, the PressPlay Tour, the Sunsation Tour, DigiTour, The JamTour, DigiTour’s Slay Bells in Philly, and Taylor Caniff’s Oddrhyme Tour. He has also performed with Timeflies, Kalin & Myles and Jack & Jack. With the OMG Music Fest Tour ending in his city, the singer/songwriter had a lot to be thankful for, even tweeting “Philly was an amazing way to end the tour. I still can’t believe almost everyone knew the words to my songs.” Well Gavin, when you release incredible music, people take the time to learn the lyrics! Gavin recently released a single “We Never Sleep,” and his “Closer EP” on iTunes, which features three tracks: “Bedhead,” “Falling Slowly,” and “Scars.” He performed those four songs on Friday night and they also happen to be the newest additions to my iTunes library. Gavin can be found on all social media at @GavinBecker3 and his “Closer EP” can be found at


Up next? Evan Kreutzberg, a name and voice you may recognize from his six-second clips on Vine. I wasn’t familiar with Evan before arriving in Poughkeepsie but within moments of meeting, his talent and his personality blew me away. He’s seventeen years old but there’s no doubt he has a better sense of humor than most seventeen year olds. Evan’s about to start his senior year of high school and based on some research, the only thing as equally impressive as his guitar playing is his opera singing. YouTube it—trust me. While you’re on YouTube, also be sure to check out Evan’s covers of Secondhand Serenade’s “Fall For You” (which he performed on Friday night) and his cover of Ron Pope’s “A Drop in the Ocean.” A few other highlights of Evan’s performance on Friday night included his covers from the Jonas Brothers and Ed Sheeran. For those of you interested to learn more about Evan Kreutzberg, you can find him on Twitter at @Evan_Kreutzberg or on YouTube at


The next person to hit the stage in Poughkeepsie was a WeKnowTheDJ veteran and one of our all-time favorites, Dylan Holland. You may know Dylan as “OMG’s bad boy” but I know him as a friend and as the nicest guy in the entire world. Dylan’s one of those people who is always willing to listen and gives everyone his full attention, something that was evident as he met countless fangirls on Friday night. When it was his turn to perform, he treated fans to a set-list so incredible that the screams never stopped. During his time on stage, Dylan performed one of my favorite songs to ever be released, “Be My Baby,” along with “Finish It,” “Tidal Wave” and “California King Bed,” which just happens to be my favorite unreleased song ever! There are a few videos from Friday night’s performance floating around online—I’ve even posted one below—but try to mentally and emotional prepare yourself because I got exclusive confirmation from Dylan that he has even more exciting music and news coming soon! For more things Dylan Holland, you can find him on Twitter at @TheDylanHolland.


Once Dylan finished his set, Jonah Marais hit the stage and caused what sounded like thousands of screams at once. I’m not sure if he was homesick or simply getting in his zone before his set but I didn’t see much of Jonah Marais off-stage until after the show had ended and after the crowd had cleared. But onstage, Marais absolutely killed it, even taking time to address the countless Twitter mentions and DMs he receives where people explain how much his music has helped them get through rough times. During that speech, Jonah made it very clear that he wants to be there for all of his fans, something that was definitely shown as he hugged each one during the Meet & Greet, giving each fan a chance to feel special. Jonah’s set on Friday night included a cover of Justin Bieber’s emotional “Down to Earth” and John Legend’s “All of Me,” where Jonah was joined by tour-mate Reed Deming. Jonah also performed his newest release and his first original song, “I Meant It.” The official “I Meant It” music video is posted below so check that out and check out Jonah on Twitter at @JonahMarais.


After Jonah’s set, it was time for OMG Music Fest’s only girl, Alyssa Shouse, to hit the stage. During soundcheck, I got a sneak-peek of Alyssa’s set as she tested her monitors and I thought she sounded beyond impressive but I was even more shocked when she hit the stage and I got to experience how young girls react to the twenty-year old. For the most part, OMG Fest fangirls love to “ship” themselves with the male acts but Alyssa Shouse gives them hope. She’s been through everything they’ve experienced and she knows exactly how tough it is to be a teenage girl. It’s that kind of hope that makes an event like OMG Music Fest worth attending. While watching Alyssa perform and interact with fans, it’s refreshing to see any insecurity fade, even if only for a short while. This was especially evident as Alyssa performed a cover of Bea Miller’s “Fire N Gold” and her original single, “Warrior.” To hear countless fangirls sing both anthems could send chills down anyone’s spine. For more from Alyssa, check her out on social media at @ItsAlyssaShouse.


Up next was Reed Deming, a San Antonio, Texas native and the sweetest kid you’ll ever meet. I’ve heard plenty about Reed Deming over the years but Friday night was the first time I met him and the first time I heard him perform. Thinking back to his performance, only one word comes to mind—Impressive. Reed performance included his original singles, “Seven Billion Smiles, “Want Me More” and “Crash Test Dummy,” leading me to check out his iTunes page as soon as I got home on Friday night. Reed’s energy was at an all-time high in Poughkeepsie after his Twitter account was returned from a hacker. If I learned one thing about Reed in the eight hours we spent together, I truly believe that energy will continue for the rest of the summer as he makes appearances on the Boys of Summer Tour in Dallas, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago, as well as DigiFest in Houston and iChicago. I highly suggest attending any event when Reed comes to your city and in order to be fully prepared, head over to and check out all of his music. You won’t be disappointed.


Last but certainly not least was the Nick Tangorra Band, a New York-based band featuring members Nick Tangorra, Rafe Tangorra and Will Ahrens. In a way, band started years ago as Nick Tangorra and his bongo followed Rafe Tangorra in a traveling Colombian Folk band. Today, Nick, Rafe and Will are working hard on their debut album and even told me they were planning to get back in the studio this week. So much for a post-tour break, huh boys? While on stage in Poughkeepsie, fans went wild as the Nick Tangorra Band performed covers of incredibly popular hits such as Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” and Walk The Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance.” Although this is the first time you’ve seen Nick Tangorra Band on, I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more of the boys in the near future. But, for now, check out their latest music video below and follow them on Twitter at @nicktangorra, @RafeTangorra and @WillAhrens.


Well, that’s it for this round. Keep an eye out for another WeKnowTheDJ exclusive when OMG Music Fest heads out on the road again. Also, like always, send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know what you think of the seven acts we’ve included in this article!


Until next time,

Meg C. (@meganciampo)


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