Part 2 of Mike Stud’s Sunday Stud Day

Back in July, we officially declared Summer 2015 the Summer of Mike Stud. Tonight, as college students nationwide are heading back to school, the Rhode Island native released this summer’s last Sunday Stud Day track. Based on some tweets I’ve seen, “last” seems to be the scariest four-letter L-word for some Mike’s fans but don’t worry, this is far from the end of Mike Stud.

Shortly after 8:30 on Sunday night, Mike released “Bad Decisions,” a track that he has been teasing on Snapchat over the past few days. I feel like I say this every time I listen to a new song from Mike but this one, posted below, is one definitely my favorite to-date. The new track, produced by musical genius Louis Bell and Beazy Tymes, has plenty of one-liners, leading me to believe it won’t be hard for people to pick a favorite bar. As the song progresses, it’s clear that Mike Stud has found his sound. I know I’ve said this a million times but there is absolutely no denying that Mike’s up next. I can speak for the entire WeKnowTheDJ team when I say we have every bit of faith in the former baseball player. Throughout this week’s song, Mike repeats that he’s pretty good at bad decisions but if you ask us, the choice to pursue a career in the music industry was the best decision.

As we listen to “Bad Decisions” on repeat, we should also take some time to recap the tracks that led to tonight’s four-minute song. If you missed our recaps of “California,” “Feeling Myself,” “Minute,” “Never Going Back,” and “These Days,” they can be found at Tonight, we need to talk about Mike’s “LA Sessions: Two” and “Way Down” simply because they have been in constant rotation around here.

On August 9th, “LA Sessions: Two” hit Mike’s rapidly growing YouTube page and although many fans were asleep when the video was posted, it didn’t take long for music fans to appreciate Mike’s style. Releasing the raw video wasn’t the original plan but the self-proclaimed “#F**kboyFreestyle” proves Meek Mill won’t be questioning Mike’s talent anytime soon. His wordplay alone sets him apart from anyone else pursuing a top spot in this industry. As the 93-second video begins, Mike says “We’ll do it live,” before delivering absolute fire. Just listen. It’s posted below.

One week later, Mike posted “Way Down” on his SoundCloud account, a three-minute song that has raked in almost “300,000 listens” in a week. If anyone ever tells you Mike Stud doesn’t drop heaters week after week, send them my way, I promise I’ll prove them wrong over and over again. The track, posted below, touches on Mike’s work ethic and family life, proving once again that he’s just a normal guy with a not-so-normal job. In a few months, when Mike is taking over the entire music industry, remember this song.

New music isn’t the only thing Mike has given his fans over the past few weeks. Earlier this week, he posted what he is referring to as his favorite episode of Touring’s Boring, giving fans an inside look at life on the road. Although it may seem obvious, this episode, titled “Eurotrippy,” documents the boys’ trip to Europe earlier this year. Interested in a Touring’s Boring fun fact? The end of this episode shows exactly why I lost my bar-picking privileges. I was 4000 miles away from the boys but I quickly learned that advising them to go to Belushi’s in Berlin wasn’t my smartest decision. Sorry guys!

Well, it’s time for me to go listen to “Bad Decisions” on repeat and y’all should be doing the same. Also, send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let’s talk about Mike!



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